Business Set Up

Drafting contracts for acquisition and merger
Setting up business in the USA by Foreign Company in view of US Immigration Laws
Safeguarding Intellectual Property of Business Entity in the USA during acquisition and merger process and / or during setting up wholly subsidiary or branch office of Foreign Company
Guiding about requirements of different USA States Laws for setting up of business in the USA

Business Visa

Business visa is for those foreign national who wish to establish business in the USA. It could be L1 visa or E2 visa. Both the visa has different criteria to obtain visa.

E2 Visa: It is a non-immigrant visa. E2 visa allows an individual from a treaty country to enter and work in the USA upon making ‘substantial’ investment in the business in the USA. An individual also must control the business in the USA and employ US citizens or Legal permanent resident in its business.

L1 Visa: The L-1 visa is a temporary, non-immigrant visa which allows qualified overseas companies to relocate foreign qualified employees to its U.S. parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of that company. There are several different types of L1 visas. L-1A visa is specifically designed for intra-company executive or manager transferees. The L-1B visa is designed for intra-company transfers of employees with specialized knowledge.

There are specific requirements for L1 employer and employee. Our office can guide through the process.